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MAN F2000 EVO v2.2

  • Version 2.2:
    – Changed all motors, now there is are 4 original R6 and one V10 motor with exact torque and horsepower
    – Added badges 19 for 4×2, 26 for 6×4/2, 33 for 6×4, also motor badges 314, 364, 414, 464 and 603
    – Added v 10 sideskirt for 6×4 and 6×4/2, and cage sideskirts are original rearlights and wheelcases
    – Added 6×4 and 6×4/2 exhausts on left and right side
    – Removed the ugly second steering wheel and the driver from cab
    – Added aerokit for xl cab in rearparts, there is also a version for xxl cab but thats just addpoints for positionlights
    – Added licens plate to truck, now you can drive with your own
    – Adjust frontgrills
    – Added window grill as seperat point with exterior and interior model of “Steinschlagschutz”
    – Added interior for xl and xlx cab
    – Improved shadows and colors of truck, all colorable parts have now the same color, before the frontskirt was a bit darker than the other parts
    – xxl cab have xxl shadows, xlx cab have xlx shadows and xl cab have xl shadows
    xl shadows
    – Add more tuningparts
    – Add my own bdf version to this truck, 4×2, 6×4, 6×4/2 an 8×4 + haevy haul version
    – Add template for cabin and chassi(sideskirt)


  • Chech, Indomable, StAfFordShIrE, tasos978, Volidas, Kriechbaum, Mrtheflashback, SCS

Download: / [295.71 MB]

Man TGX Tuning v1.0


  • Here I bring this Man fairly aggressive look you’ve cast the following
    – Wash face forward
    – Elongated front apron
    – Suspension lowered
    – Short and long lights added
    – Top Spoiler added
    Some skins are not good for the modified front.
    Version game: 1.9.22,


  • SCS Software, ETS2MOD

Download: Man TGX Tuning v1.0 /Other Link [6.4 MB]

MAN TGS v2.0


  • 4 new cabins (+interiors)-Tractor as variant of chassis-White color of body (not “magnit”)-Interiors with steering wheel from TGX-Bugs are fixed-All textures are baked-NEW working-physix for Tandem-Definition for trailers
    Authors: jon-ruda, mladshev73, Versetti, Panther, Dalnoboishik, goba6372, DANZ, SCS
    Testers (big thanks): Alex Budaev, Alex Safonov, Georgy Baramidze, Vladimir Rossol, Vladimir Kurochkin, Dmitry Romkin


  • Version: 1.9.x

Download: [] / [] [39.9 MB]