Volvo F10 Kinst

  • Volvo F10 Kinst


  • Version:
    - Fixed many shortcomings Reworked all textures Traka, lounge, animation
    - Just refreshed itself animation appeared movable shutter
    - Fixed mirrors, wheels and more
    - Added New Real Life Sounds Interior HQ FH 16/13
    - Added New totaly redesign sii file and new sounds
    - Added New Rebuilded and Fixed Sounds Idle and max rpm’s
    - Added Corrected many other sounds
    - Added New Horn Sound System
    - Added New and real volvos air pressure sounds, braking sounds and gear change sounds

    Authors: dmitry68, Stas556, ComandoreOne, Freddy Jimmink, Erling Muhlbrandt, Kenneth Muhlbrandt

Download: [] [77.4 MB]