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Scania R420 v.2


Truck Scania R420 fully converted for ETS2 v1.14.
Features for v.2:
-change the interior,
-added to all chassis.
-Fixed all bugs.
-Added more tuning.
-Remade lightmask.
– Added a real engine and real 14-speed gearbox
Author of model: ???
Author alteration: Schumi
Fix to the windshield wipers:

Download Scania R420 v.2 for ETS2 v1.14 #1
Download Scania R420 v.2 for ETS2 v1.14 #2

Heavy Transport V 1.5(Updated)


Heavy transport v1.5 updated for ETS2 1.14 game version.

This mod replaces all overweight Trailer and occur in the transport.

-Atlas1704 (excavator) 28t
-Container Handling (catg) 35t
-Hamm_raco_450 (forklift) 25t
-Hasici tank (tractors) 35t Vyrobil casper1
-ScrapersCAT637G (cat422) 29.5 t
-Podvalnik_Kassbohrer (overweight)

Download Heavy Transport V 1.5(Updated) #1
Download Heavy Transport V 1.5(Updated) #2
Download Heavy Transport V 1.5(Updated) #3

UK Improvement Mod


UK Improvement Mod for ETS2

This mod changes textures for signs, and the speed camera in the UK. :o :lol:
The 30mph speed limit sign, now has the correct font. (Side-effect changes any 30kmph sign from Poland to this. This is beyond my control)
The 60mph sign is another ‘National speed limit’ sign.
The Speed camera has yellow/orange on the back like real life.
The road works signs are completely re-done. They are yellow, with the correct font for the speed limits, have ‘Road Works’ written on them, and last, but not least, the ‘end of road works’ sign has the Road Works sign and has ‘End’ written on it.

Download UK Improvement Mod by MinecraftMarioGuy53 #1

Rus Map v1.4


Map of Russia RusMap v.1.4 for ETS2 1.14 game version
– Game Version 1.14.1
– Fixed bugs of previous versions
– Sea Port of Saint – Petersburg – Calais (temporarily)
New cities:
Russia: St. Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod, Valdai, Vishny Volochek, Porhov.
(Санкт – Петербург, Псков, Великий Новгород, Валдай, Вышний Волочек, Порхов.)
New roads:
Russia: M10, M20, A116, P57.
Possibility to combine with the following cards:
A map of Europe from MsHeavyAlex v.1.6
MHA map EU 1.6 by MsHeavyAlex + RusMap v1.4
1. MHAPro map EU 1.6.STEAM 1.14.x.scs
2. zzzzz_rusmap_ver_1.4_for_ets2_1.14.1_def.scs
3. zzzzz_rusmap_ver_1.4_for_ets2_1.14.1_map.scs
3. zzzzz_rusmap_ver_1.4_for_ets2_1.14.1_model.scs

ProMods + RusMap v1.4 (???)
ProMods + Poland Rebuilding + RusMap v1.4 (???)
Truck Sim Map + RusMap v1.4 (???)

Note: For correct operation, the card must RusMap below the list of mods.

Download Rus Map v1.4 for ETS 2 #1
Download Rus Map v1.4 for ETS 2 #2
Download Rus Map v1.4 for ETS 2 #3