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Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.2


  • Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.1


  • Jazzycat
    Version: 1.7.0.., 1.9.x

Download v1.2.1: Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.2.1 [Uploadfiles.eu]
Download v1.2: Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.2 [Uploadfiles.eu]
Download v1.1: Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.1 [Dfiles.eu]


Trailer Pack with Realistic Textures v1.9.0


  • Trailer Pack with Realistic Textures v1.9.0


  • Current version: 1.9.0
    Published: 2012-11-25
    Updated: 2014-04-01
    Author: Vaarduar
    Improved for patch 1.9.22: Tomek20
    Authors of liveries: Vaarduar, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx, Mkkl, SKG, Speedy 143, Slash, Steini
    Testers: Willy1962, Johan

Download: [Direct Link] [350 MB]

Super Trailer Pack from Brazilian v3.0

  • And then this the long awaited pack of Brazilian v3.0 trailers,
    trailers with 37 being all standalone 6 modeled by our friend Rodrigo
    Mota, the Pack also features 8 All standalone truck (Scania 124 and
    pointy front, Ford cargo 4030 4331 4432 4532 , constellation, ford
    mustang Tde, Mercedes 1944), chrome wheels 4 Tips for trailers and
    also real companies. (Remember that trailers have full compatibility
    with other pack trailers and maps since the trucks may have
    incompatibilities, Every end of the month will be updated further
    increasing the number of trailers present on pack) to install the mod
    folder put all the files. SCS in your mod folder and activate them.
    Also noting that As trailers are standalone, it takes a while to show
    up at most after a trip it will be possible to see the trailers.
    Version: 1.3.1 to 1.9.22 (testing in another version)


  • Team Top Team ( Helio Matthew , Rodrigo Mota , Geovane Rock, Adson
    Gabriel and Akmir Carrara ) and other ( Full credits will be compared
    with the README file )

Download: [Mega.co.nz] [70.8 MB]

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