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Invisible Recruitment Agency Icon by MinecraftMarioGuy53


Invisible Recruitment Agency Icon for ETS2

Dont you hate it when your going for 100% map exploration,

and you’re on 99.96% and don’t know why?

Well this mod may be the mod for you!

This mod makes the map icon for the Recruitment Agency’s completely invisible!

Yes, thats right! Invisible!

Download Invisible Recruitment Agency Icon by MinecraftMarioGuy53 #1

RO MAP ADD-ON V3.7.2 by Traian


RO MAP ADD-ON V3.7.2 for ETS2 v1.14.x by Traian

-Reworked on route Timisoara-Arad, Oradea-Arad
-New highway Timisoara-Arad
-Converted to 1.14
-Fixed problem with EU flag

Not compatible with other maps (yet).

Note from the Author:

Please without “malicious” comments.
If you don’t like the map, don’t download.

Download RO MAP ADD-ON V3.7.2 by Traian #1

E60 Extension v1.10


  • Warning:It requires Dlc East.
    It is compatible with ProMods, Tsm but not with Ro Map Add-On !
    If u want to play this with Ro Map Add-On get a older version.
    -Some bug fixes
    -Added signs
    -Converted to 1.10


  • Traian

Download: Uploadfiles.eu [60.4 MB]

Reisproject v1.3


  • For ETS2 1.10.x + DLC “Going East”
    The Reisproject is a (about 80%) rebuild of SCS’ map (roadcourses, landscape, details) + new Areas ( e.g. Danmark, Sweden, Norway )
    To make it short: It’s focus was set on the level of detail.


    – sign model by bora
    – sign model2 by kamaz – converted by merlinita
    – overlay definitions/flags by merlinita
    – Elektronische Anzeigetafel by ? – converted by merlinita
    – scandinavian landscape coach: nod/esp
    – tranquillizer by Gauloises Melange Original/OCB/Gizeh


Download: Uploadfiles.eu / Sharemods.com [101.8 MB]

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