Peterbilt 389 v3.1


  • Peterbilt 389 v3.0 Modified


  • Version:
    Peterbilt 389 modified changes and additions:
    - Changed the exterior and interior (3D model and new textures)
    - Extra points on the grid
    - Grill guard with additional fixtures and 100 points
    - 4 bumper also with 100 points
    - Red interior lighting
    - 4 new wheel wing
    - Chrome Peterbilt l logo on the grille with Backlit
    - Attachment points on the roof (with or without Lightbar)
    - Wind protection 379 (with Peterbilt logo)
    - Additional attachment points for the rear cabin lights
    - Extra lights Hella (turn signal, reverse, brake and parking light) +
    reversing lamp with large light cone
    - Pennant cab
    - Additional pipes for air filter
    - Air Conditioning on the roof
    - Two new engines with 720PS (4179NM) and 840PS (4479NM)
    - 18-speed transmission with retarder
    Authors: dmitry68, Stas556, maxx2504

Download v3.1: [] [89.4 MB]
Download v3.0: [] [68.51 MB]