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1999 Peterbilt379 EXHD Stas556 for ETS2 v1.14.2


1999_Peterbilt_379_EXHD_Stas556 for ETS2 1.14.2 game version.
The dream of every driver – Peterbilt 379 EXHD, the 1999 model year.
Is registered separately.
Sold in Iveco dealer.
Has tuning, real engine, gearbox and sounds.
Registered in the gallery of trucks to work in companies (both in European and in English) as well as in traffic.
Authors 18 WoS Haulin:
Ivan (hardtruckisthebest);
Chris (formerly bay0net);
Tim (polarexpress17);
Jon (Cascadia);
Authors ETS 2:
Envelope, animation, residence: Stas556;
Additional registration: Mishanka (Mishanka);
Corrections in 3ds Max: Fox071rus;
Other Fixes: dmitry68;
Sounds: Kriechbaum;
Video: Pink Floyd;
Dachport DVD: knox_xss.

Download 1999_Peterbilt_379_EXHD_Stas556 for ETS2 v1.14.2 #1
Download 1999_Peterbilt_379_EXHD_Stas556 for ETS2 v1.14.2 #2

Peterbilt 389 v3.1


  • Peterbilt 389 v3.0 Modified


  • Version:
    Peterbilt 389 modified changes and additions:
    – Changed the exterior and interior (3D model and new textures)
    – Extra points on the grid
    – Grill guard with additional fixtures and 100 points
    – 4 bumper also with 100 points
    – Red interior lighting
    – 4 new wheel wing
    – Chrome Peterbilt l logo on the grille with Backlit
    – Attachment points on the roof (with or without Lightbar)
    – Wind protection 379 (with Peterbilt logo)
    – Additional attachment points for the rear cabin lights
    – Extra lights Hella (turn signal, reverse, brake and parking light) +
    reversing lamp with large light cone
    – Pennant cab
    – Additional pipes for air filter
    – Air Conditioning on the roof
    – Two new engines with 720PS (4179NM) and 840PS (4479NM)
    – 18-speed transmission with retarder
    Authors: dmitry68, Stas556, maxx2504

Download v3.1: [Sharemods.com] [89.4 MB]
Download v3.0: [File-upload.net] [68.51 MB]