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Trailer Attach Sound Mod

  • Trailer Attach Sound Mod


  • Version: 1.9.x
    Softlab-NSK, TruckerKid

Download: Mediafire.com [19 KB]

Interior Sound Mod for all Trucks

  • Changed the sound of engines in the cockpit, he became louder.
    balanced sound engine on the street.
    found their sound from the game Austrian Truck Simulator.


  • Version: 1.9.x

Download: [Sendspace.com] [63.6 MB]

Man TGX Open Pipe Sound Mod

  • Man TGX open pipe sound mod (windows down)


  • Version: 1.9.x

Download: [Mediafire.com] [4.56 MB]

Volvo Open Pipe Sound

  • Volvo open pipe sound for interior and exterior.


  • Version: 1.9.x
    Ayoub Systeme DZ

Download: [Sharemods.com] [6.2 MB]

Mercedes 1632

  • Mercedes 1632 Truck with Interior and alternative sound mod.


  • Version:
    Mercedes 1632 Truck with Interior: kirill73rus
    Mercedes 1632 Sound mod: Kriechbaum
    Mercedes 1632 Circus Renz Skin: ClassicDutchTrucker, kirill73rus

Download Truck: [Sharemods.com] / [Uploadfiles.eu] / [32.5 MB]
Download Sound: [Mediafire.com] [3.17 MB]
Download Skin: [Mediafire.com] / [Picture] / [10.67 MB]

Scania Interior Sound Louder

  • Scania Interior Sound Louder (Exhaust ONLY)


  • Version: 1.9.x
    Has two mods.
    Loud sound at +12db
    And another loud sound at +20db.
    Use only one.

Download: [Mediafire.com] [4.07 MB]

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