Winter Mod v3


  • Winter Mod v3


  • ETS, GTS, ATS, Icemann29
    Version: 1.7.0
  • New in v 3.0 version:
    - New loading images
    - More snow on the windows in snow rain
    - New road textures
    - New sidewalk textures
    - New tree textures
    - New textures hedges
    - Very many new textures in horizon
    - Rather dark (about 20 clock), and later Hell (about 6 clock)
    - Vehicles always drive with your lights
    - Partially dirty vehicles and trailers
    - Modified street lighting
    - Snow tires or dirt particles

Download: Winter Mod v3 []

Winter Mod v1.7.0 + DLC + TSM 4.x


  • Winter Mod v1.7.0 + DLC + TSM 4.x


  • RED Expert
    Version: 1.7.0
  • 1 ) Remove all unnecessary and not required and should not affect the gameplay.
    2) Replaced the texture of trees, now it is not snow-covered trees with leaves, but mostly bare trunks with branches.
    3) The roads are slippery now , the car skid, travel only on mechanics because can get up and stupidly grind to victory , especially with heavy loads.

Download: Winter Mod v1.7.0 + DLC + TSM 4.x []